Pipettes & Dispensors Calibration


Pipette calibration is a fundamental part of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and must be considered a vital part of any laboratory regime where precise volumes of fluid need transferring or diluting. Pipettes come in many shape and volumes, from many different manufacturers, but all perform the same function. This function is the transfer, through aspirate and dispense actions of precise amounts of fluid.

 SmartCal offers a full portfolio of pipette and dispenser services, including single channel and multi-channel calibration using the gravimetric method according to the ISO 8655 international standard in whole or in part upon customer request. SmartCal is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for such a scope, and calibrations come with a certificate of calibration that exceeds GLP, GMP, ISO 15189 and CAP requirements. All services are performed by professionally certified technicians using ISO/IEC 17025 traceable equipment.

 SmartCal point of uniqueness in pipette calibration are:

  • Our standard single channel and multi-channel volumetric calibration takes 10 readings for each volume specified by minimum, 50% max and the maximum volume of the pipette. We totally accept customer’s decision in changing our standard calibration volumes.
  • Full preventive maintenance which includes cleaning with special solvents, functional testing, lubrication of internal mechanisms and parts.
  • Adjustment for pipettes will be taken care of by SmartCal if required.
  • O-rings and seals are replaced and lubricated as needed.
  • Capability of performing a thorough repair if required by the customer.
  • Pipette calibrations are performed in a controlled laboratory environment.
  • High quality and clear accredited certificates that satisfies auditors during their inspectional visits.
  • Automatic reminder for the next calibration and service due.
  • At the emergency conditions of the customer, backup pipettes can be provided.
  • All certificates are stored in our end-point online secure and confidential servers and data centers for a period of at least 2 years.
  • Consistent understanding of the customer’s emergencies and situations lets us provide all the best support we can avail even if it comes to performing the calibration out of working hours!
  • Comprehensive computer generated chemical and blood resistant sticker will be provided.