Speed Calibration


  1. Rotation instruments:
    Centrifuges, shakers
    Motors, Roller mixer, Vortex mixer, Shaker, Agitators, Blood Bag Mixers, Cell washers …

Calibration defined as ‘the means to determine or check the graduation of any instrument giving quantitative measurements’. In simple terms, you want to know that the value your device is showing is really what it is. So, if the speed of your centrifuge is showing 3,000 rpm, a calibrated digital tachometer will be used to determine whether this is the case. It could be that the tachometer is showing 3,100 rpm and in this case, remedial work would need to be undertaken to make the centrifuge show the correct speed.

There are usually three parameters that you can assess during a centrifuge calibration: speed, time and temperature (if it is refrigerated). You can choose a standard calibration where an engineer will use a calibrated piece of equipment which ensures compliance with ISO 17025. 

 SmartCal offers options for ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration in its own calibration laboratory or on-site in the customer premises. SmartCal is officially accredited for the calibration at both of these locations.


  1. Contact & Non-Contact Tachometer Calibration Services

At SmartCal, our tachometer calibration Services ensure that organizations can take precision rotational (RPM) and surface speed measurements. We calibrate non-contact, contact and combination tachometers that report linear and rotational measurements via digital displays.