Glassware Calibration


Ability to precisely measure volume of the solution is crucial for the accuracy of chemical analysis. Volumetric glass - while made according to known standards - is never perfect. Using A class pipette we can safely assume its volume falls inside of the range given by the standard specification, but it is still a range and differences between individual pipettes can be large.

To minimalize problems we can calibrate the glass - that is, measure the real volume of solution delivered or contained - by weighing mass of the water. Weighing can be done with very good accuracy, and knowing water density we can calculate volume of the given water mass. Thus we can determine exact capacity of the glassware. Well, perhaps not the exact capacity, but at least we will know the volume with much higher accuracy than if we assume its nominal value.


Our Capabilities include:

Volumetric flasks

Single volume pipettes


Graduated pipettes