Balances Calibration


Balances or precision weighing scales are sensitive instruments that is influenced by changes in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and the location at which the precision weighing instrument is being used and allocated. It is necessary to calibrate the balance when it is being installed for the first time and after any changes of locations. Also, for obtaining and maintaining the best accuracy and precision, it is necessary that a balance be calibrated regularly on a planned interval by a disinterested third party such as SmartCal Validation & Calibration.

 SmartCal provides ISO/IEC 17025 accredited on-site calibration services according to EURAMET CG-18 to all balance types such as analytical, top-loading, etc. and to all brands not limiting to Mettler Toledo, Sartorius, Denver, Radwag, Ohaus, Adam, etc.

 SmartCal point of uniqueness in balance calibration are:

  • Repeatability testing for 5 consecutive readings using a reference test weight.
  • Eccentricity testing for 4 corners and center using a reference test weight.
  • Load testing for zero or minimum, 25% max, 50% max, 75% max and the maximum capacity. Load testing at more than 5 set weights can also be provided.
  • Reference weights used in the calibration are world classified E2, F1 or M1 OIML class.
  • High quality and clear accredited certificates that satisfies auditors during their inspectional visits.
  • Automatic reminder for the next calibration and service due.
  • All certificates are stored in our end-point online secure and confidential servers and data centers for a period of at least 2 years.
  • Consistent understanding of the customer’s emergencies and situations lets us provide all the best support we can avail even if it comes to performing the calibration out of working hours!
  • Comprehensive computer generated chemical and blood resistant sticker will be provided.


  • Our Capabilities include: 
  • Analytical balance
  • Top Loading balance
  • Precision balance
  • Lab Scale
  • Platform balance
  • Adult weighing scale
  • Pediatric weighing scale
  • More...